Electrostatic Cleaning Treatments

QSS offers Electrostatic disinfecting services

Electrostatic cleaning treatments for high-traffic surfaces

Our staff are trained in accordance with ISSA – The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association – on COVID-19 cleaning techniques. Our sanitizing and disinfecting process includes electrostatic treatment, ensuring total and complete saturation of surfaces, thus creating a safe and clean environment for your customers and staff.

  • 2-step sanitizing and disinfecting process
  • Spray fogging and electrostatic spraying
  • EPA-registered products qualified to fight COVID
  • Proper contact time based on manufacturer suggestion
  • Proper disposable PPE
  • Full equipment sanitation after each application

What is Electrostatic Treatment?

Electrostatic disinfection employs Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) spray, a pH-neutral, oxidized water generated by applying a low-voltage charge to saltwater. This nontoxic but potent antimicrobial solution is placed into a sprayer that covers up to 10,000 square feet per hour. The HOCI spray quickly and effectively eliminates most bacteria, viruses, spores, and biofilm from surfaces.

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